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Honesty as human virtue

Mar 5, 2013, 11:46 AM

We are with the view that honesty pays off. And as such, it’s a virtue that needs to be nurtured at all times.

When people, especially young ones learn to be truthful, then we would no doubt have future leaders that are honest to its people.

We are worried that in today’s life most young people don’t care about learning to tell the truth, but instead tell lies. Our concern is that such people may end up being criminals in the near future.

People must learn to tell the truth and nothing else, but the truth, no matter what condition they may find themselves in, hence the reward for honesty is huge.

We see honesty as the cornerstone of all successes, without which confidence and ability to perform shall cease to exist.

Of all the feat of skills, the most difficult thing is to be honest. Whatever the case maybe, it is the highest thing one may safeguard at all times.

Honesty is the most valuable thing we have, and we should always preserve it. In fact, the spirit of truth and the spirit of freedom are the fundamental pillars of society.

The life of the nation is said to be secured, only if a nation is ruled by honest, truthful and virtuous men of conscience. It has been said that honest hearts produce honest actions.

If we want to make a sustained growth and confidence, we need to build a more honest society.