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Aug 3, 2016, 11:14 AM | Article By: Adam Jobe

Asking for a woman’s hand in marriage is one of the most important things a man will do in his life.

Therefore, a good deal of consideration should be put into the timing and setting of this event.

You are certain that she is the one, and have gone ahead with asking for her father’s blessing of your proposal, solidifying her family’s approval of the union.

Now that has been done, and you are ready to propose marriage to your future wife.

There are a few things you must keep in mind when contemplating the way that you will propose marriage to your lady.

 First, this is a memorable moment, which will be told and retold over the years to your friends, family, children, and grandchildren.

Make it a story worth telling.

Secondly, every woman is different; make your proposal specific to her taste and personality. Some women would love nothing more than to have all their friends and family be witnessed to the event, while others would much prefer a private and intimate moment with you alone.

First and foremost, make sure the way in which you ask makes her comfortable.

Finally, like many romantic displays, a marriage proposal that seems a cliché to one woman is a dream come true for another.

This must be left to your personal discretion. However, kneeling in front of your lady with a ring and a rose, whatever the setting may be, is timeless.

The following are some tried and true methods for a man proposing marriage to his love.

Before you take the plunge, you should know if you’re really ready to be with your special someone for the long haul.

A marriage proposal will change your life forever, and you should understand that you’re doing it for the right reasons.

Here’s how: Ask yourself if you absolutely can’t live without the girl you’re asking to marry you. If you can’t possibly imagine your life without her in it, and if she makes everything in your life better and more meaningful, then it’s time to propose.

Ask yourself if you’ve been in the relationship long enough to really understand your significant other. If you’ve only been together for a few months, then you may be rushing into the marriage.

Of course, every relationship has its own timeline, but make sure you’ve truly seen the person you love, both through amazing times and hardships, so that you really have a sense of this person’s long-term potential.

If you can’t wait for everything that lies ahead with your significant other, such as travelling together, buying a house, or even having children, if that’s what you both want, then it may be time to propose.

Don’t propose just because you’re feeling pressured, because you’ve been in the relationship for so long that you feel obligated to make a move, or because all of the people around you are getting married. You should propose when the time is right for you.

Make sure that your significant other is feeling the same way about marriage as you are. If you’ve been together for a long time and are serious about committing to each other, then chances are, marriage has come up and you understand that your sweetie is ready to make the move.

Even if you haven’t outright asked if she would marry you, you should have a strong sense that she’s ready to settle down and is in the same place as you are.