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Holy Cross Church Exalts the Cross

Oct 29, 2008, 7:44 AM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

The Holy Cross Catholic Church at Brusibi on Sunday celebrated their day with parishioners and visitors from far and wide. This is a trend in the Catholic Church that encourages the celebration of feast days through which many Catholics get to interact and love each other the more. The love shared shows the extent to which the early Christians came together as one, sharing and praying together. Panorama writes how the Bishop served as the chief celebrant with hundreds of well wishers in attendance.

The road to Brushubi was flanked with cars of different sort to reach the ten O'clock deadline for the start of the Mass to honour the Holy Cross which the Brusubi Catholic Church takes as its name. The Feast of the Exaltation of the Cross symbolizes the suffering, death and resurrection of Christ the King of the Universe. It remained on peoples mouths that it would have been better not to have the same date with the mother church - The Cathedral of the Assumption of Our Lady.

In his sermon, Bishop Robert Patrick Ellison CSSp, Bishop of Banjul commenting on the readings says "They could not believe that their messiah could die a shameful death a death, on a cross. They could not believe it that he could die that way and up till now they are waiting for that messiah. For our sake He was crucified and suffered death on the Cross," he said. Bishop said Good Friday is the actual day to celebrate the Triumph of the Cross but they have another opportunity to celebrate it.

"Jesus said, Father if it is your will let this cup pass away, if it is your will," Bishop Ellison said. He said there were also those moments where Jesus came very close to the cross. St. John's account in the Gospel on the resurrection is different from the other synoptic Gospels. When they were looking for Jesus they came to Jesus and Jesus asked them whom are you looking for. "Jesus," they said. Jesus was bold to tell them He was the one they were looking for. Bishop further said that Peter then took a knife and cut off one of the ears of those who came to capture Jesus. "There is a message in this and it is always simple, that is violence cannot be overcome by violence," He said.

Bishop further quoted the last word of Jesus that says, "It is accomplished. Then he bowed and died. He wanted to tell the people and God that He had done His best and he was going. That is what we celebrate at Mass, "dying you destroyed our death rising you restored our lives, Lord Jesus until you come in glory.

Bishop said he heard about a young husband that died leaving behind three kids, one of them ten years old and his young wife. "I heard about another young lady who delivered leaving her child behind. At home a family member of mine took his own life," he said. In conclusion, Bishop Ellison said everybody has his or her own cross. Most times we expect too much from others, when they themselves are without. "Jesus is a God who has gone through all we are going through. Let us carry each other's burden and so we would fulfilled the law of Christ, amen.

According to Rev. Fr. Michael Gomez CSSp, the Holy Cross Parish has grown in a short time. There are three churches under this parish. One in Brufut known as Divine Mercy and another in Ghana Town known as the Immaculate Heart of Mary. "I am delighted that many people came to grace the occasion. It shows true solidarity in Christ as we are all craving to be the same. Today's occasion will enhance the Catholics who do not come to church to see it as a way to coming to worship God at all time." Fr. Gomez CSSp welcomed visitors and encouraged them to keep coming to Mass and make the church their own. He promised to make the occasion greater than it is for this year. He thanked his parish council and the elders of the church for their participation not forgetting the youth. The day continued with merriment and joy.