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HIV/AIDS is Still Without a Cure . Says Youth Officer

Jul 30, 2009, 8:41 AM

"Since its discovery, the HIV/AIDS Pandemic is still without a scientifically proven cure. Therefore, as young people, we still need to ensure that we are protected from any possible infections," says Lamin F Bojang, The Child and Youth Officer for the Ding Ding Bantaba Federation.

Bojang make this statement at the closing ceremony of a two day HIV/AIDS Training workshop for the Youth of Foni Berefet on Friday, 24 July in Somita.

Bojang, who is also the former Youth Parliamentary Speaker, noted that Hiv/Aids is real and posed a major threat to the development of any country. Young people being the agents of change should be able to reverse the trend of HIV/AIDS in Foni. He revealed that data available from the recent past placed the Sibanor Caughtment area as the highly infected compared to other parts of the country, therefore, more needs to be done by you the younger generation. "Am sure you can do it, he praised arguing that the key to avoiding HIV/AIDS is to delay until marriage.

The Child and Youth Officer also challenged the young people to spread the information to their peers. That's the only way you can create an impact, he emphasized.

For his part, Mr Edi Bah, The Program Development Officer, for Ding Ding Bantaba Federation claimed that the objective of the workshop is to provide you as young people with the required information on HIV/AIDS. This information, he said should influence your attitudes and behaviors in order to achieve the set objectives.

He indicated that the training is one out of a set of activities set by the Federation to prepare the young people adequately with information against HIV/AIDS. The best tool for the youths against HIV/AIDS is information, Bah stated.

Mr. Sankung Colley also speaking at the event urged the participants to pass the information on to their colleagues at the different communities they represent. He called on them to apply the ABC mode of prevention in avoiding HIV/AIDS. He warned that prevention is better than cure and therefore, every individual should by all means avoid it.

The vote of thanks was delivered by Mr. Saikou Gibba, Secretary General of the Cooperative Youths and Children Development Society of Foni Berefet District.