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As the charity distributes huge quantity of clothing and educational materials

Jan 3, 2011, 3:06 PM | Article By: Sainey MK Marenah

Mr Kebba Ceesay, headmaster of Busumballa Madina Nursery School in the Kombo North of West Coast Region, has applauded Karmic Angels, an international charitable organization run by British Couple Stephanie and Alan Turner, for their humanitarian foresight, saying they are a true Gambian development partners.
Mr Ceesay made this remark last week during a presentation ceremony of a large quantity of clothing and educational materials to the school and the community of Busumballa Madina village, where the couple have also built a two classroom block for residents of the village.
Karmic Angels’ aim is to provide clean drinking water and better sanitation as well as to help in raising awareness on issues concerning health, education, sports and self-sufficiency.
The charity also aims to greatly improve the conditions and opportunities for “the wonderful people of The Gambia”.
According to Stephanie and Alan Tuner co-founders of the charity, their charity has seven projects in progress. The projects include a new school being built in the village, renovation of existing schools, provision of health materials, and support for orphan children in paying their school fees and meeting other academic needs of theirs.
The Thursday presentation at Busumballa Medina included cartons of educational materials such as books and stationery. There were other goods for students and people of the village, such as clothes and shoes.
According to the Karmic Angels co-founders, the worth of the educational materials is about D40,000 and the clothing is D200,000. They described the gesture as their “biggest donation” since their arrival two weeks ago.
Known nationally for its humanitarian gesture, Karmic Angels also on the same day presented 50 complete football Kits to Boyz United Football Academy of New Jeshwang. The kits included jerseys, footballs and pumps.
On Friday they also donated a complete set of jerseys, balls and pump to Future Star FC Academy of Kotu.
Speaking at the Busumballa Madina presentation, the headmaster of the School, Kebba Ceesay, said: “In the spirit of love and oneness, Karmic Angels often approaches people to know their problems purposely to make a difference in their lives as if they are of the same family.
“Karmic Angels are sensitive to the wellbeing of the poor people here and has mighty ambitions to make life totally different for them. Therefore the Charity needs more financial donations from individual humanitarian and philanthropic organisations around the world.”  
He also said of Karmic Angels: “Truth is divine, lie is evil: don’t lie. Karmic Angels is a true charity that has built magnificent classroom structures with high quality furniture supply for my nursery school and other schools in various communities of the country.”
Mr Ceesay, who strongly believes that Karmic Angels will never fail as it has a divine mission to help the progress of humankind, revealed further that people in The Gambia respect members of Karmic Angels, particularly Stephanie and Alan, because of their respect for the people and their way of life.  “Such a fundamental values is so essential for the charity to achieve its goals,” Ceesay said.
He added: “The fulfillment of their commitment by the uncountable offer of financial and material assistance in the education, health, and social welfare of the Gambian people very well testify of Karmic Angels’ helpfulness and reliability.”
For their part, Stephanie and Alan Turner, directors of Karmic Angels the UK, said: “We are very pleased to donate educational materials the worth of D40,000 and clothing the worth of over D200,000 to the school and community today. The materials here include books, pens, posters, football jerseys, balls, toys for schoolchildren, clothing for orphans, and wall clock for the school, pumps, and stationery among others.”
The British philanthropists, while commending the headmaster for his goodness, said they were impressed with the school, adding that their focus would be not only on education but also on health and sport.
Karmic Angels Gives More Sporting Materials to Boyz United Academy
The charity on the same Thursday proceeded to New Jeshwang were they donated 50 kits of sports jerseys to Boyz Football Academy to boost the club and sport in the country.
Speaking at the presentation ceremony, Paul Gomez, manager of the Academy, applauded the gesture of Karmic Angels, saying the donation would go a long way in helping the Academy to achieve its desired goals by harnessing the talents of young Gambians.
“This presentation of football gifts is indeed commendable looking at the constraints faced by the team in acquiring football kits. I thank Stephanie and Alan for this wonderful gesture. We will also make the best use of the donated materials,” he added.
For his part, Louis Fracais Mendy, director of Karmic Angels Gambia, says Karmic Angels are always proud of helping Gambians to achieve their development goals. He added that they were only able to meet Paul last year and requested for sponsorship for the Academy.
“We are happy that we have fulfilled our promise to help the Academy with football kits. Since we established some years ago, Karmic Angels has done lot in the area of health, education, and Sport and we will continue to help Gambians in any way.” Mr Mendy said.
The assistant coach of the Football Academy, Patrick Gomez, also hailed the efforts of Karmic Angels describing them as true friends of The Gambia. He added that the donation would help them a lot in their endeavours.
Stephanie and Alan also said: “The more support Karmic Angels receives, the more its high target of project development and support can be achieved. We also aim to build local and locally staffed holistic clinic.”
According to Stephanie, they were impressed about the skills demonstrated by the Academy, especially with the only female in the whole academy, Mariama Ceesay, who is 15 years old.
According to the couple, in 2010, Karmic Angels embarked on numerous projects geared towards alleviating poverty in the country through holistic approach. They say they are developing a multi-skills centre for school dropouts and those that have missed out of school. They added that the skills training for such people would include woodwork, computing, hairdressing, tie and dye, and crop rotation skills.
It would be recalled that the Charity recently made a pledge to Farakunku Redemption Nursery School, to build a classroom block for students of the village, after a recent visit to the said school, where they also donated educational materials.
They were also able to give another three sets of football jerseys to Gunjur Community Football Academy.