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High Point Village Bar and Restaurant To Promote Culture

Aug 1, 2008, 8:31 AM | Article By: By Binta Faty

In more than one sense, High Point Village Bar and Restaurant is one of the busiest within the Kololi area and is here to promote African culture as part of their objectives.


Speaking recently with Entertainment, The Bar Keep and Manager, Mr Foday Dubuya, said that the bar is decorated in a cultural form, noting that this is to promote culture in terms of entertainment by organising drumming programmes. According to him, culture has been existing in Africa since those days and therefore, as Africans, we need to continue in promoting culture in our societies. He explained that the location of his bar and restaurant is within the tourist industrial area and this attracts a lot of tourists who are coming around. He added that this is one of the reasons why they promote culture.

Mr Dubuya noted that a lot of tourists come to The Gambia to know about African culture. He further revealed to that the bar and restaurant offers the best African dishes, facilities and ambience. The place offers an environment that is a beautiful balance of man- made creations and nature.


He finally thanked President Jammeh for promoting culture in Africa. Mr Dubuya went on thank the High Point Village Bar and Restaurant staff for having one aim and working for the development of the restaurant, adding that as time goes on, High Point Village Restaurant intends to introduce European dishes as well.