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Help farmers in terms of need

Jul 19, 2011, 1:27 PM

The plight of farmers should be adequately address in order for them to meet their required farming needs .

In most African countries, Agriculture is not given the due attention it deserves, unlike other sectors, yet it is always described as a very important sector in  the development of a country.

Farmers in Africa have all the farming skills, but what they lack is support.

It is high time that our governments gave agriculture the priority it deserves in their developmental programmes.

This is the only way  the sector could be supported.

Farmers are always ready to plough the land, but if they still continue to use manual implements to farm, then we have a long way to go in order to achieve the desired goal for agriculture.

For there to be food self-sufficiency, all hands must be put on deck to end hunger in our continent.

If we want to increase production in agriculture, technicians should go to the field  and train farmers on the new techniques of agriculture, rather than sitting in their air-conditioned offices and sending directives to extension workers.

This would not take us anywhere, but only backwards.

The time has now come for our African politicians to fulfill their promises to farmers, and live up to expectations.

We strongly believe that if the farmers are happy, production will be high and they will always produce a bumper harvest.

For there to be meaningful socio-economic development, people have to be ready to engage themselves in agriculture, if we want our countries to move forward.

Agriculture-related NGOs and the Ministries of Agriculture should also be ready to give farmers subsidies.

We also need to improve our livestock and veterinary services.

We should now all endeavour to go back to the land.