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HART House appeals for help

Jun 10, 2010, 5:27 PM | Article By: Augustine

The CEO for the Gambian Home for Children with Learning Difficulties recently disclosed that the off season is always bad for them, thus appealing for donations in cash or kind to help them help the children.

Geoff Hunwicks, Chief Executive Officer of Hart House at Sinchu Alhajie, with his assistant, Rohey Hunwicks, have cried for help to support the twenty children with learning difficulties and a good number of workers at their establishment.

He said summer time has come and there are basically three things: "These three things include Cash, Cash and Cash. Which is just the same as when we take the kids to Buffer Zone for recreation, we always need: safety, safety and safety but to keep them going is cash, cash and cash."

He said they care for twenty children with learning difficulties. Some can barely remember anything. "We care for them regularly. Apart from continuity, we care for their development. We relieve parents from the burden of taking care of their kids when they are supposed to be at work. In order to look successfully over their kids for seven days a week, we need help," he said.

"We are doing charitable work; we, therefore, appeal to companies, individuals and parastatals to help these children. We want to insure and licence our vehicle; we also want help. We intend to have a satellite unit upcountry as well. There are a lot of things to do for the House. I go to Dr. Emmanuel to identify children, and my wife is responsible for the home."

Rohey Hunwicks says, "My husband sold all his properties in UK and came to set this Hart House to help kids with learning difficulties. We are, therefore, appealing for help since we get less assistance during this time of the year."

They could be reached on the following numbers: 9939860/ 7026915/6479728/3939860. Email: (geoffharth102@hotmail.com) Website: (www.harthouse.gm)