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Happy Tobaski

Nov 26, 2009, 11:54 AM

Barely 24 hours, The Gambia will join the rest of the Islamic Umma in celebrating what we locally call as Tobaski.

It is a day of sacrifice and supplication to the Almighty Allah who created the Universe.

It is a day when Muslims and non-Muslims alike in the country share food and gifts in observance of this very important Islamic feast.

This sharing and caring by adherents of the country's major religious denominations: Islam and Christianity to a large extent shows the cordial relation that exists between different faiths.

In as much as family heads are obliged to slaughter at least a ram, it is not incumbent on those who cannot afford the sacrifice as we have seen in instances where people do all it takes to get one.

This we believe is against the teachings of the Holy book, and as Muslims we should measure our doings according to what we can afford to avoid unIslamic behaviours.

As we celebrate this day, parents should be mindful of where and when their childrens visit, hence one should be mindful of the bad ones in our midst.

On this special occasion, we congratulate all Muslims and wish them a happy feast in advance.

We would also like to wish all our readers, advertisers and well-wishers a memorable Tobaski.

May God showers its blessings on this beautiful country of ours so that we would continue to enjoy its fortitude.


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E.F. Schumacher