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Haddy Gibril Dissociates from Suspected Impostor's Comments

May 15, 2008, 6:24 AM

Following reports of suspected impersonation by a certain person at the expense of Haddy Gibril, who reportedly sent comments to the BBC network Africa Programme, a lady claiming to be the real Haddy Gibril expressed her concern over the issue. According to Haddy Gibril, both the comments and the impersonation have caused inconvenience to her and that anyone engaged in such practice should refrain.

Ms Gibril went on to say that if such practice continues, she will take legal action against the perpetrator(s). "This is to inform the general public that somebody from The Gambia is using the name of Haddy Gibril in sending comments to BBC Network Africa Programme. This is causing inconvenience to the real Haddy Gibril and the one doing it should put a stop to it. Otherwise if he or she is known, legal action will be taken against him or her," she warned.

This paper thus informs the general public hereby that the said Haddy Gibril has disassociated herself absolutely from the person using the same name in sending comments to BBC Network Africa Programme.

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