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GYM Prevent Diseases

Sep 11, 2009, 9:08 AM | Article By: Lamin Drammeh

The Independence Stadium is a community Gym that attracts interest from quite a large number of people, including men and women who spend their leisure time using the training centre for fitness.

The reason of using the Gym, according to some of its members, Landing Kijera and Alieu Sallah who have been doing it for eight (8) years, is to keep fit at all times.

The duo are also with the belief that using Gym enables one to be healthy, reduce diseases, such as hypathension, and other related diseases with the exception of malaria.

Both Landing Kijera and Alieu Sallah decided to quit other sporting disciplines like football and basketball for Gym.

The senior Gym attendant at the Independence Stadium, Ebrima Freeman has an answer to the lack of international outings for the Gym members.

He told Pointsport that Independence Stadium's facility is a community Gym that aims to bring interested people together so as to help them keep fit, adding that it is not meant for contest or competition.

Mr. Freeman who spent 17 years using the facility underscored its importance, noting that since he started practising it in 1992; he has never encountered any kind of sicknesses, apart from malaria.

This, he said, is a clear testimony to the fact that Gym is an important part of human life.

While others believe that to take part in Gym, one has to eat good food, Alieu Kijera dismissed the notion, saying that using Gym requires enough food. But, he noted that all foods are equal as far as he is concerned.

Alieu hopes to continue using the Gym for the rest of his life if time permits him.