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Guinea Bissau again!

Apr 7, 2010, 2:58 PM

We learnt of the on-going attempts of destabilisation by a section of the military in Guinea Bissau as shocking and insult to the flurry of democratic dispensation.

We wish to condemn them in no uncertain terms, as well as warn those responsible for this robust response and dire consequences.

The people of Guinea Bissau, including its military must listen to the international community and work together for the betterment of their country.

Mutinous soldiers seized the leader of   Guinea-Bissau's armed forces on Thursday and placed the country's prime minister under house arrest in what appeared to be a coup attempt.

Hundreds of people gathered outside the office of Prime Minister Carlos Gomes Jr. in Bissau, the capital, in a show of support for Mr. Gomes.

Martial music was on the radio, which is often code for a military-led coup in this part of the world. Guinea-Bissau's president, João Bernardo Vieira, was assassinated last year.

Soldiers surrounded the Prime Minister's office at about 8 a.m Thursday, said his spokesman, Mamodou Djau, who arrived shortly after the soldiers took away Mr. Gomes and a member of his cabinet. Mr. Djau said Mr. Gomes had been taken to a military camp, and then driven to his residence, where he appeared to be under house arrest.

Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.

United Nations called on the country's military and political leaders to resolve their differences peacefully and show respect for the rule of law.

The timing of the current acts of indiscipline by the military could not have been any worse, as it happened at a time when the successful presidential election of July 2009 has created the required environment for ECOWAS and the International community to engage the government and people of Guinea Bissau in the efforts to stabilise the security environment, strengthen the democratic and national reconciliation processes, and initiate far-reaching social and economic reforms.

The international community, especially the ECOWAS is watching developments in the country very closely and has vowed to leave no stone unturned in its efforts to defend the democratic gains and maintain stability in the country.

We call on the population to remain calm while efforts are being made at ECOWAS level to restore normality.

This latest act by the military would undermine efforts made to stabilise the political, security and economic situation in the country. Frequent problems of this nature would in fact delay development.

Although President Sanha had declared that "calm" had returned in his country, the incident has already sparked an outcry from across the globe.

Whatever the case may be the people of Guinea Bissau must allow democracy to prevail at all cost.

The people of this country are tired of coups and counter-coups and use of force to avenge their grievances.

Enough is enough!