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Guinea Bissau Again!

Jun 8, 2009, 7:38 AM

Africa and the world at large has once again awaken to another tragic news early Friday morning as the presidential candidate and former defense minister have been shot dead by soldiers in Guinea-Bissau who accused them of plotting a coup.

Baciro Dabo, a Minister and a contender in the election due to be held this month, was killed at his home. The alleged killings of Mr Darboe, Defense Minister Helder Proenca and two of his guards followed in recent times the killing of the country's army Chief of Staff and the late President Nino Vieira. The said reason(s) of the killings varied.

While the authorities ascribed it to a resist of arrest, his allies insist that he was at asleep with his wife when he was shot death.

EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana condemned the killings in the former Portuguese colony, and called for a thorough investigation. While we agree with Javier Solana for a full investigations into the alleged killings we want to appeal to the sub-regional body Ecowas, the AU and the international community to quickly step in inorder to avoid the country slipping into another lawlessness. 

The 28th June election was called after soldiers killed President Joao Bernardo Vieira in March, this year. Up till now the circumstances leading to his death still remain, although report suggests that it had been linked to the killing of the former Chief of Defence Staff.

The BBC's Will Ross says the election may now be postponed, because of spate of development as this recent killing had brought everything into standstill.

The Army continues to play a destabilising role in the tiny poor Portuguese colony, which has been plagued by coups since independence in 1975.