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Guinea again!

Mar 6, 2013, 10:13 AM

At least eight people have been reported dead in Guinea, since the latest political protest and disturbances in the West African country.

The toll from the protests includes some 220 injured, since the opposition took to the streets on Wednesday saying the government was attempting to steal legislative elections scheduled for mid-May.

Reports from Guinea stated that gunfire broke out on Monday shortly after Guinea’s main opposition leaders boycotted a meeting called by President Alpha Conde to discuss preparations for May’s vote, meant to complete a transition to civilian rule.

It suggests further that disturbances have since spread from the capital to other towns in the interior of Guinea.

Opposition supporters have clashed with security forces in the opposition fiefdom of Labe, as well as Pita and Mamou.

We understand that behind Guinea’s political feuding there is a deep-rooted rivalry between the Malinke and the Peul, its two largest ethnic groups.

It has also been reported that the Malinke broadly support Conde, who comes from that ethnic group, while the opposition draws heavily from the Peul.

Well, our advice to our Guinea brothers and sisters is that they must resolve their differences through dialogue. Political support should not be based on tribalism!

In fact, we believe that the opposition leaders including Cellou Dalein Diallo should honour the presidential invitation.

It is a rear opportunity, and opposition leaders should take it seriously rather than allow their people to keep killing each other, vandalising and looting property in Guinea.

We are calling on Guinean politicians to reach a compromise in deciding their country’s future.

It is only through dialogue that the country can make progress to complete a democratic transition. Otherwise they are just going to cause more harm than good.