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GTU Young Teachers Interim Executive refutes being a rival to any group

Oct 25, 2019, 12:11 PM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Tuesday  22nd October 2019 Issue

Interim executive committee of the Gambia Teachers Union (GTU) Young Teachers Platform, has dismissed circulating rumors and social media comments that suggest that the platform was created to suppress and to become a rival of other groups, like the Teachers For Change.

“In fact, the Young Teachers Platform is created to compliment the efforts and activities of teacher groups, particularly the young teachers, who form the largest bulk of the teaching profession,” the executive said in a statement, adding that the creation of the platform is in fulfillment of a constitutional provision of The Gambia Teachers Union, which is the umbrella body of Gambian Teachers.

The group described the rumors as totally unfounded and malicious for any individual or group to associate the Young Teachers Platform with the objective to silence other groups.

They said they have plans to meet all teacher associations in the country, including the Education Students Association of the UTG, the Education Students Association of the Gambia College as well as executive members of the Task Force of the Teachers For Change, to source common views and grounds for the betterment of the teaching fraternity.

The executive also explained that their selection was conducted by NEC of the GTU through wider consultation with regional Chairpersons. “At the General Assembly, the new and first executive of the Young Teachers Platform will be formed, and a bye law will be developed and ratified to establish the structures and inform policy.”

According to them, the platform will help empower Young Teachers to take ownership and leadership of the Union.  “The Young Teachers Platform will help empower young teachers to influence policy both at the Gambia Teachers Union and at government level.”