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GSIC Prexy Disappointed With Imams

Sep 25, 2009, 6:22 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang

Says Leaders Should Be Honest, Truthful

Alhagie Muhammed Lamin Touray, the President of the Gambia Supreme Islamic Council, has expressed dismay with some Imams in certain parts of the country for their failure to accept and perform "Edl Fitr" (Koriteh) with the rest of the country, due to what he described as a selfish interest.

These remarks by the Supreme Islamic Council boss comes following reports that a good part of the country had failed to adhere to the Council's pronouncement, and thus observed this year's Koriteh on a different day.

Imam Touray, who was speaking in an interview with this reporter yesterday, said it is worth enough to thank Allah for entering into Ramadan in unity, stressing that some people are just ungrateful to see unity prevail among adherents.

"It is worthy enough to thank Allah for allowing us enter into the Holy month of Ramadan in unity as people of the same religion. But again I must say I am very much disappointed with some Imams for their failure to accept the pronouncement of the Supreme Islamic Council for the observance of Koriteh in unity which was based on justifiable evidences from both nationally and internationally," he said.

The SIC boss blamed such kind of behaviours for what he called as "feeling too big of oneself, proud, ignorant, selfishness and hatred for peace within the Muslims".

According to the Supreme Islamic Council boss, the Council was so disappointed for the simple reason that its pronouncement was neglected.

The Council was so disappointed because if the Council overseeing all Islamic activities in the country made a pronouncement for people to pray, based on evidences from fellow Imams that they have seen the moon for the end of Ramadan, it  should be followed by Koriteh prayers", he said.

For him, the most disappointing part was that the moon was seen by a fellow Imam with his deputy, but some of these Imams refused to observe the feast.

"The most disappointing part was that the moon was seen by a fellow Imam and yet some of these Imams refused to lead their people into Koriteh prayers, thus creating confusion and alarm within the Muslims," he stated.

Imam Touray called on those Imams who failed to adhere to the Council's pronouncement to apologise to their people for misleading them.

He equally expressed his delight in those Imams who followed the advice of the Supreme Islamic Council, noting that a leader must be upright, honest and sincere to its people.