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GSIC President Frowns at Animal Hostility

Mar 31, 2009, 6:09 AM | Article By: Alieu Jabang

In what could be described as defending the rights and interest of animals, the president of Gambia Supreme Islamic Council, Imam Muhammed Lamin Touray, has condemned the serious hostility levied on animals.

Speaking in a prolonged sermon delivered in his home town mosque of Gunjur Kombo South, Imam Touray expressed his dismay on how people treat their animals.

"I cannot understand why people are so hostile to their animals especially those that we use to do our daily work. We use our donkeys, cows, horses and much more to plough our farm lands, carry our heavy baggage and also on journey, yet we are still hostile to them. If you go to Serrekunda and Brikama, you will see donkeys with fatal wounds and yet they are forced into the busy traffic with heavy loads on them. And despite these heavy loads their masters with rugged hose pipes hit them to be faster than normal," said Imam Touray.

According to Imam Touray, the cart is not a vehicle neither a train nor an aeroplane.

"The cart is not a vehicle neither a train nor an aeroplane so it cannot be that fast as you desire. But one thing you should understand is that the donkey, horse or cow that you maltreat is more powerful than you but Allah commands it to obey you so you must have mercy on them. They have certain rights over you but they cannot express it. Have mercy on them and Allah will have mercy on you," proclaimed Touray.

The Islamic Council president also called on people to forgive each other for past mistakes.

"We cannot live together without offending each other but we can forgive each other for past mistakes. Allah loves those who can forgive whenever they are offended."