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Great Lessons to Learn

Mar 24, 2009, 5:42 AM

It is interesting to read about the first Malawian female lawyer who because of her beliefs for the struggle of human rights, justice and democracy was confined to torture, imprisonment and other forms of repression.

For many, Madam Vera Chirwa was a woman of substance who was forced into exile together with her husband, Orton Chirwa, under the dictator Hastings Banda, at a time when she was nursing children. Madam Chirwa's story is that of agony, sympathy and sorrow, but despite her suffering, she continued to fight for social justice in the post independence era. But the lessons to learn are that Vera was able to forgive even her torturers and tormentors when she met them in the street or supermarkets.

Some of them would want to dodge or look the other way, but she would call them and shake their hands. Emotionally as it may be, some will even go to the extent of apologizing while others ask for forgiveness. These are bitter lessons for everyone to learn that as human beings, we should try to live with each other in peaceful co-existence so that tomorrow, one would not bow down his/her head for the mishaps inflicted on our fellow human beings.

This world shall end one day and every soul will surely be responsible for whatever good or bad one has done in this world. A word to the wise is enough.

"They're only truely great who are truely good."

Chapman George