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Grade 12 student seeks urgent overseas medical treatment

Aug 6, 2013, 9:39 AM

A Grade 12 student of SOS High School in Bakoteh is currently seeking assistance to undergo an urgent oversea medical treatment to purse a renal transplant, a medical report issued by doctors have shown.

Banna Marenah, 19, who is currently admitted at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital, “presented with 2 weeks history of pedal swelling, othopnoea, breathlessness, anuria, epigastric pain.’’

According to the medical report, Banna previously had generalized swelling for 5 years that resolved spontaneous.

‘‘On examination, she was severely pale, with grade 2 pedal oedema, heart rate was 120beats/min regular,full with rise jugular veins and an S3 gallop and a blood pressure of 190/100mmhg, bilateral fine crepitation middle and lower lung fields; abdominal distension with ascitis; and asterisis,” the report stated.

“Her serum creatinie is 2000mol/l, urea 47mmol/l, potassium 6.6mmol/l, hepatitis B and C and HIV screening was negative. Ultrasound scan of the abdomen showed bilateral shrinking kidneys with increased corticomedullary differentiation. Her complete blood count showed Hemoglobin 5.6, with normocytic normochromic picture and normal white cell count and differential. Chest x-ray showed pulmonary oedema.”

Banna’s family is now seeking assistance from government, good samaritans, philanthropists as well as non-governmental organsiations for her to go for overseas treatment.

She was previously admitted at one of the hospitals in Dakar, but due to financial constraints, she had to quit her urgent treatment, and her mother who has tried all means to secure better treatment for her daughter is said to be no longer able to meet the bills.

Sariba Ceesay, Banna’s mother, calls on anyone who could help her young daughter who had already sat to her Grade 12 exams to come forward and save her daughter’s live.

She said they have tried all means to secure overseas treatment for her daughter, but their efforts so far bear no fruits.

While calling on President Yahya Jammeh to help, Sariba said her daughter’s illness has caused a nightmare for the family.

Anyone willing and able to help young Banna can contract the family on 6972020 or 6290045 \ 6277556 \ 3471343.

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