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Govt. vows to defend Islam as it condemns Quran burning

Apr 13, 2011, 2:51 PM

The Government of The Gambia Monday issued a statement, indicating in strong terms that with the support of the Gambian people, it would always defend Islam against all Satanic forces lined-up against the Muslim world.

The statement, read on GRTS by the Secretary General and Head of the Civil Service, Ebrima O. Camara, indicated the government’s position and condemned the recent burning of the Holy Quran by Terry Jones, a US pastor in a Florida Church.

Calling on the US government to bring Terry Jones to justice as quickly as possible, the Gambia Government also called on the Islamic Ummah to be united and stand up to these challenges and provocation, stressing that enough is enough.

What follows are the views of the Gambia Government:
Fellow Gambians
We learnt with utter dismay, shock and consternation the burning of a copy of the Holy Quran by Terry Jones last month in the United States of America. This heinous act of infamy, bigotry and provocation we condemn in the strongest possible terms. Terry Jones has carried out his threat, which is a declaration of war on Islam and Muslims, thereby endangering world peace and security, as we the Muslim worldwide cannot stand idly by and allow racial dogs, bigots and dangerous infidels like Terry Jones and his collaborators to not only defame Islam, but desecrate the noble and glorious Holy Quran for whatever reason.
It is interesting that he carried out this heinous act with impunity under the guise of freedom of expression etc. and even goes about to shamelessly say that the killing of the UN staff in Afghanistan, which is a consequence of his dastardly act, vindicates his devilish and dangerous views about Islam. The killing of the UN staff, innocent and decent international civil servants who have absolutely nothing to do with Terry Jones’s acts of infamy, thousands of kilometers away in the US; as heinous a crime as Terry Jones’s actions, goes to vindicate Gambia government’s position that dangerous criminals must never be entertained under the guise of any freedom, as they endanger lives of decent and innocent people by their crazy and evil fantasies.
This begs the question, if Terry Jones was an Imam in the same USA who threatens to burn a copy of the Holy Bible because of his evil and dangerous misconceptions about Christianity and calls for a Jihad against Christians, would he have walked free from that platform and go about his business for about five months still protected by the same freedom of expression, and eventually ends up carrying out his threat by burning a copy of the Holy Bible?

The answer definitely is No. He would have been arrested on the spot and taken off the streets at best; and at worst, he would have been sent to Guantanamo Bay and locked up. Why is Terry Jones being treated differently from those Muslims that have similar views about non Muslims and the West?
We hereby call on the USA government to bring Terry Jones to justice as quickly as possible. Terry Jones’ actions have endangered the lives of millions of American citizens who do not subscribe to his demented devilish views about Islam, thereby endangering US national security interest around the world.  Should he be allowed to create such a dangerous risk to decent and noble United States citizens in the name of freedom and rights? In any civilized country today, there does not exist the right for anyone to put the lives of the rest of the people at risk for his demented and evil personal ego. Downplaying Terry Jones’s heinous crimes as an isolated incident after the deaths of innocent UN and Afghan civilians is tantamount to condoning his despicable behaviour.
We hereby call on the Islamic Ummah to be united and stand up to these challenges and provocation. Enough is enough! Terry Jones’ burning of the copy of the Holy Quran, our sacred book from our Creator the Almighty Allah should be the last wake-up call for Muslims to be united in defence of our noble religion and the glorious Quran, as well as the seal of all prophets, Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings of Allah be upon him.

The whole world should remember that Adolf Hitler started his madness as an individual, wrote his book showing what a dangerous and insane leader he wished to be, but still he was not taken seriously, with devastating consequences for the whole of humankind. Is history going to repeat itself?  We hope not.
The Gambia Government, acting on behalf of and with the support of the Gambian people, would always defend Islam against all Satanic forces lined-up against the Muslim world. It does not matter whether such forces of infamy are Muslim or non Muslim.

We also have sinister and devilish forces disguised as Muslims that are hell bent on destroying our noble religion by carrying out blatant and despicable acts of outrage against humanity in the name of Islam. Such evil forces are as detrimental and shameful to Islam as Terry Jones is to Christianity in general and humanity in particular.

True Muslims and true Christians cannot be turned against each other by these descendants of Satan.