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Gov’t submerges NEA to Ministry of Environment

Feb 9, 2015, 10:10 AM

The Gambia government has submerged the National Environmental Agency (NEA) into the Ministry of Environment with immediate effect, a statement from the Office of the President has stated.

The statement, read over the state television, over the weekend, said: “An executive directive has been issued transferring the responsibility of the oversight function of the National Environment Agency to the Ministry of Environment, Climate Change, Water Resources, Parks and Wildlife, with immediate effect.”

NEA was created by the National Environment Management Act (NEMA) which provides the legal framework for the operations of the Agency.The environmental agency is mandated to ensure an environmentally sustainable economic and social development in The Gambia.

The aims of the NEA include developing and maintaining a national environmental planning framework; educating the people about the environment, increasing environmental awareness; providing reliable and relevant information for sound environmental management; and promoting the sound and rational use of natural resources.