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Gov’t debunks death of Abdou Darboe as “totally false”

Feb 3, 2020, 1:00 PM

Since the 26 January of Operation 3–Years Jotna’s demonstration, social media reports have been persistently alleging the death of Abdou Darboe, who was struck by a stone on his jaws, however, this happens to be “totally false,” according to government’s spokesperson Ebrima G. Sankareh. Darboe reportedly lost a couple of teeth and was seen on media screens bleeding profusely.

Despite the government denying Darboe’s death, allegations to the contrary continue to dominate social media platforms.

The Point can confirm that Abdou Darboe is recuperating in a private ward at a major hospital and doctors say he was responding to treatment very well.

Contacted to shed light on this report, Mr. Sankareh  maintains that “not a single person died as a result of 26 January demonstration and I am curious why some people continue to peddle this false narrative of Mr. Darboe’s death, knowing it to be totally false.” I can report that as late as this afternoon (Sunday) I was briefed by the Health Minister Dr. M.L. Samateh, that Abdou Darboe was responding positively to his treatments. Quoting the Health, minister, Mr. Sankareh said, journalists using the right channels, respecting the patient’s privacy rights can visit the hospital for their own independent verification.