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Good record keeping essential

Jul 6, 2011, 3:57 PM

The proper keeping of records in any organizational set-up is essential.

Why we are concerned about this is that a good number of our offices, as a matter of fact, lack a proper record keeping mechanism.

Even in this digital age, certain offices and departments are using the manual way of keeping records. While we are not opposed to this, but the way and manner it is done should be of a standard for any future reference to be easy and quick.

In some offices, very important old documents can be easily found dumped in dusty corners.

We, therefore, recommend that our public offices and departments all make best use of the digital age, by computerizing their records.

Good record keeping in any office is fundamental for the sake of continuity and future reference purposes.

Proper keeping of records could serve as a back-up for any formal or business transactions.

Improper keeping of records can be a hindrance to growth and development in any sector or country.

We also urge people to share data, and make policy documents available in their offices to all staff. Information sharing should be key in any office set-up.

The proper keeping of records by institutions would greatly help the civil service to have accurate data on individuals and institutions.

It will ease the administration of policies and programmes of the government systematically.

We are aware of the existence of the National Records Office, but at the institutional level proper record keeping is indeed essential.