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GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT Roads developments needed

Oct 28, 2019, 2:29 PM

Mr. President, the recently completed Russia-Africa Summit in Sochi seems to give hope to Africans with the Russian President Valdamir Putin promising to open a new page with Africa in terms of cooperation, trade, economy and several other areas.

Russia used to help Gambia by providing sholarships for students to further their studies especially in the area of medicine.

Your government should reinforce the bilateral cooperation between the two countries especially in the fields of education, health, trade, tourism, and agriculture, transport and energy with our priorities set.

Mr. President, it is very saddening to learn about the alarming rate of road accidents in the country. Road accidents are becoming very rampant and it is time that serious measures are taken to tackle this problem.

Mr. President, during dictator Jammeh’s era, the number of accidents claiming lives was very minimal because of the death penalty law that was in place.  Now that the death penalty law is no more, other tough mechanisms have to be put in place to help reduce these alarming number of accidents.

Mr. President, the Police need to double their efforts on the issuing of driving licence to every Tom, Dick and Harry without going through the right channel and being tested before issuing licence. Some drivers drive recklessly on the roads and dont care whilst most of the teenagers and school going children are involved in joy riding causing serious accidents.

It is also time for the government to check on the type of vehicles entering the country and their life span. Vehicles should be tested before being allowed to run on the highways.

Mr. President, there are lot of vehicles plying the high ways which are in very bad state and shouldnt be on the roads. The parking of vehicles on every corner of the roads making the roads narrower is also a call for concern.

More traffic police officers should be deployed at strategic locations to assist with the smooth flowing of the traffic. They should also be at major junctions and at school junctions to be helping the children to cross both in the morning and aftnoon.

Finally, Mr President, most of the roads are in very poor state especially during this rainy season.

Your government should seek for assistance especially from the Chinese goverment to help develop feeder roads to ease the traffic jam especially in the morning and evening. Workers find it very difficult to get to work on time and back home because of the serious traffic jams on the highways.

Good day