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GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT: On meet the peoples tour

Nov 18, 2019, 12:19 PM

Mr. President, as you embark on your constitutional provisional requirement: ‘Meet the Peoples’ Tour’ for three weeks in which you are expected to hold 44 meetings in towns and villages in the country, we think it is also the best time for you to listen to the problems of the Gambian people.

It is the time for you to see the problems of Gambians and give them your word on what ways to offer assistance.

The farmers would want to talk about the timely payments for their groundnuts during the season and how your government can continue supporting them with fertilizers and farming materials.

Mr. President, the health sector still remains a challenge to your government as most of the hospitals/health centers and clinics lack proper, adequate equipment and drugs.

We commend Trust Bank, philanthropists and other institutions who have been donating equipment and drugs to some hospitals and health centers. We call on other institutions, philanthropists and individuals to also come on board as government alone cannot do it all.

Mr. President, the education sector should not be left behind either; as education is a key to success. Schools should be developed to standard levels, proper learning facilities be put in place and teachers’ salaries enhanced and paid on time.

Electricity and water, good roads and markets, proper drainage systems etc should all be among your tour’s agenda of discussion with the populace.

Mr. President, though your tour should not be the time for politics, it should an avenue to listen to the problems of the Gambian people and find solutions. It can also be the best time for you to discuss your National Development Plan with them and why you want to hold onto power despite the 3 Years Agreement you promised the Gambian people.

We thank God that the CRC has finally released the draft constitution and we believe that if the Gambian people vote and adopt it; at least a lot of changed laws and procedures will be put in place to help properly govern the country. It shouldn’t take long for a referendum to be held so to have the constitution adopted soonest.

Finally Mr. President, your delegation to the tour is usually very big and many officials who should be in their offices working are taken away leaving their works almost in limbo. Most of the government vehicles are also taken on tour leaving errands pending. We believe this idea should be revisited.

Good day!