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GOOD MORNING MR. PRESIDENT : A very sad fire incident

Nov 4, 2019, 1:35 PM

Mr President, last week we witnessed a very sad fire incident in the Kanifing Industrial Area caused by gas explosion, which according to media reports left about 91 vehicles and several warehouses with their goods burnt. We continue to thank God that no lives were lost but the damage is unimaginable.

As you promised to set up a commission of inquiry into the matter, some issues and precautions should also be put into consideration, including insurance for all places around.

Mr President, a cross section of the population have suggested that gas and oxygen companies should not be located in between residential and commercial buildings. These companies should be allocated space outside the residential areas.

Reports also stated that some of these structures are illegal and were built there without the approval of KMC. Scraped metals are also placed everywhere along the roads which blocked the way for the fire fighters to enter that area during the fire incident.

We encourage KMC with their new garbage collecting vehicles to have agreements with these companies so that these garages and hazardous materials in and outside these companies and manufacturing areas are collected from time to time.

Welders and mechanics who do not have garages but do their work along the main street should be moved for safety precautions.

Mr. President, another sad thing that was recently learnt about is the row between the Gambia Supreme Council and another faction Rawdatul Majaalis over the leadership to lead the Muslim Ummah.

The Ministry of Religious Affairs should invite them for dialogue as it’s not good for the religious leaders to be having unhealthy relations among themselves, we cannot have two Islamic Councils at the same time.

The minister of religious affairs should sound the opinion of the Imams to trash out this very sensitive problem as this is not the first time such leadership problems are happening in the Islamic council.

Organisations are mostly guided by a constitution that helps the executive to know when and how to conduct elections. If the supreme council should go for election then it should follow its constitution, assisted and supervised by IEC.

Finally, Mr President, we thank God that the tourist season has started and a good number of tourists have started coming.  The government and the populace should make sure that it is a very successful tourist year because tourism is our second foreign exchange earnings after groundnut.  The authorities should make sure that tourists are given good guides and security so that they can enjoy their stay.

We welcome all tourists especially those coming for the first time to the Gambia, the smiling coast of West Africa.

Good day