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Good governance key to democracy

May 30, 2011, 1:44 PM

The issue of good governance is central to the hearts and minds of everybody because it is a determinant factor of a true democracy; therefore civil society organizations have a crucial role to play to ensure it becomes the order of the day in any society, especially in The Gambia.

If people are well informed about governance issues it would be easier for them to manage their own affairs, as it is said that education makes a people easy to lead but difficult to be manipulated.

People should therefore be given chance to fully participate in the whole governance process of their nations.

In this regard, we would like to commend ActionAid The Gambia for supporting Peace Ambassadors The Gambia to organise such trainings for civil society organisations, as these noble undertakings will really make an impact on our society.

Now it is the responsibility of organisations that have benefited from the trainings to go back to the communities to carry out step-down training that would benefit others and trickle down to the society, so that resources spent on such exercises would not be a waste.

Good governance underpins transparency in the way and manner people manage the resources of the nations and the people they serve. It also brings trust and confidence among a people. 

Today, most of the conflicts taking place in our continent are mainly due to lack of good governance, transparency and accountability. Wherever these key elements are lacking there is bound to be problems.

We therefore consider it an understatement to say that we as a nation should know that good governance is an ingredient and essential tool to any sound democracy.