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Good governance essential for rapid development

Feb 23, 2012, 12:51 PM

Good governance is quite essential for the socio-economic advancement of any nation.

Good governance is necessary for promoting public sector transparency and accountability in any nation.

Involving citizens in the governance process is equally important, as it helps in the smooth administration of the nation.

When people are aware, educated and well informed on issues, particularly those that affect them, they would feel empowered.

In this context, our leaders also have to be faithful to their electoral promises, and keep faith with the people from whom they derive their mandate.

They have to govern transparently without recourse to brute force, when they are called upon to give an account of their stewardship.

They have to manage state and national resources for the benefit of everyone, without enriching themselves and their allies at the expense of the masses.

When leaders are richer than their countries, that is not good governance; it is executive daylight robbery.

People should, therefore, be given a chance to fully participate in the whole governance process of their nations.

If people are well-informed about governance issues, it would be easier for them to manage their own affairs.

Today, most of the conflicts taking place in our continent are mainly due to lack of good governance, transparency and accountability.

Wherever these key elements are lacking there is bound to be problems.

There is much that is wrong with leadership on the African continent.

When state resources are plundered with reckless abandon by the very people who are entrusted with their management, a country sinks: infrastructure decays and social and economic obligations are left unattended to.

We must judiciously use our limited resources in order to boost rapid economic development in Africa.