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Good boost for volleyball

May 17, 2011, 1:53 PM

Gambian referee Bai Dodou Jallow recently concluded an 11-day International refereeing candidate course, jointly organized by the Federation International for Volleyball and the African Volleyball Federation, and reportedly performed extremely well in the course.

According to reports, Mr Jallow was rated one of the best participants among the 16 African countries representatives, and raised the flag of the Gambia high among nations.

Bai Dodou Jallow is the first Gambia international referee for volleyball The Gambia has ever produced, and has been quite instrumental in the development of volleyball in the country.

We call on the Gambia Volleyball Association to continue staging their national league, and to also train more referees at the local level.

It is high time now for the sporting associations in the country to start building the capacity of their members, and to organize regular leagues, as recommended by the National Sports Council.

This would greatly help them to develop.

The National Sports Council is making all efforts to make sure that all the sporting associations re-register.

We strongly believe that this is a good move, because they will be able to know the associations that are active on the ground and the dormant once.

In The Gambia, it is sad that most of our sports associations do not even organize national leagues, which should be their main priority; they only focus on international outings in which they perform badly always.

We feel that the associations should not be urban-based only, but instead should put in place the right structures at the regional level in order to develop the raw talent all over the country.