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GNOC Extraordinary Session to fill presidency position

Aug 12, 2010, 1:19 PM

An Extraordinary Session, meant to elect a new President who will replace former leader Lang Tombong Tamba, is set to take place soon, according to a press release from the Gambia National Olympic Committee.

The position of former President Tamba who was elected into office last year has now been declared vacant, following the bureau's solicitation from its voting members to consent to the convening of an Extraordinary Session to elect a President.

The release added that upon receiving the necessary two-third of the signatures of the General Assembly in accordance with the GNOC Constitution, Article VII Section 7.1(b), it was unanimously agreed, during a bureau meeting on 10th August 2010, to declare the position of President vacant and for an Extraordinary Session be held to elect a new President.

The date set for the session will be communicated to all GNOC voting members and the entire public in due course.