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GNOC Election: give peace a chance

Dec 10, 2010, 10:08 AM

We are happy to hear that the Gambia National Olympic Committee Presidential election date has been unanimously agreed by Sporting Associations in the country, and they have finally decided for it to be held next week Tuesday, after so many postponements.

We should always avoid bad blood in our sports, especially, bearing in mind that people will come and go, but institutions still remain.

So, let us not allow individuals to disunite us in pursuit of their own interest. Sports should unite us, instead of dividing us.

It is hoped that, this time round, the GNOC leadership election would be conducted in a manner which all honest and fair-minded persons will adjudge as above-board.

This will require that eligible participants in the election to select the president of the National Olympic Committee (NOC) be allowed to exercise their democratic rights, in an atmosphere considered conducive to voting freely, without fear or favour.

People should also comport themselves well at the venue, and respect the rules and regulations governing the election; and any body assigned to conduct the elections must be respected by the Sporting Associations.

We also urge all the relevant stakeholders concerned with the forthcoming election to interact peacefully, and avoid any confrontation between supporters of the rival camps, whose members must allow those who are eligible to vote and be voted for, come election day.

We strongly believe that if the election is properly conducted, the GNOC will overcome the crisis it is in presently.

Meanwhile, we want to say: Good luck to all the presidential aspirants!