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Global Hands to embark on youth education and development

Dec 11, 2014, 9:51 AM | Article By: Alieu Bobb

Jimmy Hendry Nzally, chairperson of Global Hands The Gambia, has said Global Hand is planning a scheme of working with the youth to help them build their lives and better The Gambia and the world.

Since 2012 when they came to The Gambia they have engaged on series of activities such as visiting historical sites, organizing seminars with the University of The Gambia and conducting training together with GAMCOTRAP and other partner institutions.

Speaking at a press conference to welcome their colleagues from the UK, Mr Nzally said they also engage in intensive programmes through which students from Leicester Demonfort University would come to Gambia so they would able to understand and explore the country.

Their cardinal objective is to continually develop the school, he said, adding that they are also expecting 33 students from Demonvord University who would come to The Gambia to explore the beauty of the Gambian people.

He said they are also trying to invite potential partners and other stakeholders to the school, such as the Minister of Youth and Sports and the Minister of Tourism.

When they formally open a Global Hand school in Manduarr they would encourage and motivate students from poor background, especially, to learn to higher level in life because most of the students usually stop at Grade 9 due to lack of funds.

Mohammed Gassama, PRO of Global Hands, said Global Hands was formed in 2013 by Jimmy Hendry Nzally, chairperson of Global Hands The Gambia, but they have their main body based in the UK, with the primary aim of building capacity.

According to Gassama, the development of the school is ongoing and will be engaging in many activities with their counterparts in the UK.