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GFF Secures $1.1M for two projects

Apr 25, 2014, 10:59 AM | Article By: Cherno Omar Bobb

Mustapha Kebbeh, Gambia Football Federation (GFF) President said they have secured 1.1 million dollars from FIFA approving two different projects - the artificial turf to be constructed in Mansakonko in LRR chosen in consultation with stakeholders and the Ministry of Youth and Sports, he stated, adding that, they have also secured funding to refurbish the National Technical Training Centre including a big package for grass roots football development that said the need for capacity in building our football.

Kebbeh made this revelation while addressing a press conference on Wednesday at the GFF House.

“What we have done as promise 7-8 months ago was to ensure that we are going to conduct a comprehensive assessment of our football in a bid to build capacity”, he highlighted, adding that, he have already concluded and agreed with FIFA who will be in the Gambia on Monday to start their initial assessment of football development especially developmental football which has to do with grass root and youth including women football.

“As we talk they have approved funding that we get for this development sector which is close to 1.3 million”, the GFF Boss added, saying, “investing all that energy and time, mobilizing all that resources for youth or grass root football development, me and my team will not wish to see the Gambia in this unfortunate situation”.

“We believe in the ideas of the leadership of this country, our dear President of the Republic of the Gambia keep saying for youth development the sky is the limit and this are the values that we are contributing to, this is what we stand for, the ideas of the leader of this country and his team”.

They will also call on football stakeholders to an engagement and their recommendation is to set up a stakeholders teamwho will also be conducting a review of the current structures with a view to develop football, he noted, saying: “the recommendations that will be advance, I assure you, will be implemented to the lather”.

To attest to talking about the football development of the Gambia which is their ultimate agenda especially developing grass roots and youth football, Kebbeh said, they believe with the right structures and investment the Gambia will be able to be the best country in football in few years to come.