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GFF Regional League Update

Jun 30, 2014, 9:35 AM

The Gambia Football Federation has announced that as the National League (League Division One and League Division Two) winds down soon, its affiliate Regional Associations’ League are also drawing to an end in the various phases, according to a media release issued by Bakary B Baldeh, GFF publicity/marketing officer.

This is all made possible due to the disbursement of monies to all the regional football bodies to be able to organise their preferred leagues as dictated by the stakeholders under the GFF decentralisation policy, he added.

“The GFF takes this opportunity once again to thank the general public for their show of support and co-operation during the period. It also extends appreciations to all the stakeholders in the LRR for their excellent sporting services”.

Results of the ongoing Regional League in Lower River Region are as follows:


Kintehs Eleven              1                           vs                   New Town                     0

Dolleh FC                     1                          VS                   Kaira Konko                  0

Jarra East                      0                          VS                   C Thousand                   0

Kiang West                    2                          VS                   Jarra Central                 0

Kintehs Eleven              2                          VS                   Jarra East                      1

C Thousand                   1                          VS                   New Town                     1

Kaira Konko                  1                          VS                   Kiang West                    0

Dolleh FC                      2                         VS                   Kiang West                    1

New Town                      3                         VS                   Jarra East                      1

Jarra Central                  0                         VS                   Kaira Konko                  1

Kintehs Eleven               0                          VS                  C thousand                    3

Dolleh FC                      2                         VS                   Jarra Central                  1

Kintehs Eleven               3                         VS                   Jarra East                      1