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GFF presidential nomination opens Thursday

Jun 25, 2013, 10:31 AM | Article By: Lamin Cham

Less than twenty four hours after The Point asked the Normalisation Committee, NC,to clarify the situation regarding the planned June 29 congress of the Gambia Football Federation, GFF, the NC last night made the first major concrete announcement towards holdingthe much delayed elective congress.

But again the NC fell short of giving a definite date for the congress.

A press statement released yesterday announced that nominations for the GFF Presidential election will open on Thursday the 27th June 2013.

The statement neither confirmed that the congress would go ahead on June 29, nor did it give a new date for it.

However, going by the provisions of the constitution dealing with elections, nominations should be opened at least thirty days before the elections, in this case July 27, 2013.

The press release further confirmed that regional elections were peacefully conducted in all regions, and at least one affiliated association, the Schools Football Association, has held its congress. It is headed by Martin Gomez.

The NC is calling on all other affiliated associations, for example, the referees, players, female football and coaches associations, to conduct their elections and submit their officials by Thursday 28 June.

In addition, all first and second division clubs were also urged to submit their club details, including officials, to the secretariat by Friday 28 June, or they would not take part in the elective congress.

The NC thanked all those who participated in the placement of regional structures, adding that the regional bodies would become functional once they are registered by the GFF.

Reacting to the NC’s latest announcement, a follower of the football transition programme sounded a note of hope and satisfaction.

‘I am deeply impressed with the methodical and seriousness of the process. This is what we need. A steady and gradual process with attention to details,’’ he told The Point.

However, critics of the NC said the lack of clarity on the actual date of the congress is not helping the credibility of a free fair process.

‘Dropping snippets of information as and when you please, or keeping people in suspense is not a fair way of doing things. Increasingly, you get the feeling that the NC looks like an incumbent government with an eye for re-election, hence the methodical and strategic handling of the process,’’ noted a seasoned Gambian football follower.