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George Gomez Writes First Dramatized Passion Book

Apr 9, 2009, 6:00 AM

(A precise review)

The "Dramatized Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ," is written by George F. Gomez the Executive Director of the Gambia National Olympic Committee and a founding member of Catholic Knights of Saint Peter and Paul. He had earlier served as the first Gambian Hospital Administrator of the Royal Victoria Teaching Hospital and had served an uninterrupted 14 years of diligent service there. The book draws out three major passions that is applicable in human situation today thus good for The Gambia.

George, a respectable man is also the Chairman of the Plymouth/Banjul Challenge, a non profit making organisation that supports community based projects and he is the CEO of Gomis Promotions. He is a fervent Catholic and attends the Saint Kizito's Parish at Bakoteh.

The book "Dramatized Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ" is put in a drama form as told by the Apostles, Matthew, Mark, Luke and John serving for the Good Friday Passion. The book is separated according to the three cycles of the Catholic Church Calendar, basically called Year A, B and C. The Church year starts in Advent, which normally falls in November. The Catholic Church is in Year B or Cycle B, thus the Passion coming from Mark's Gospel. The book tackles the need for the young to emulate from Jesus' Passion. The book culls up three basic needs to teach society from,

The lessons to be learnt from the book includes greed, it states how Jesus was sold and how in our present day people hunger for money and how they can do anything to get money, greed takes a major portion here. Jesus was sold by Judas Iscariot who later hung himself, after regretting his action against Jesus. There is another lesson our present day generation can learn from that is 'Forgiveness.' The book talks about Jesus forgiving those who wanted to kill Him. Jesus said, as one of His seven last words before his death on the Cross; "Father forgive them; for they know not what they do," (Luke 42). Another lesson to be learnt by the society is 'Love' the love that Jesus lavished on people can be learnt by our youths who are in need of it to let them grow. Jesus said, "Love one another as I have loved you. This is in addition to the Old Testament's notion on love. Jesus came to add more meaning to the Old Testament and to fulfill it. The lesson learnt from love will pay our youth and help the elderly. The book is essentially the extension of God's love to man.

The three passion stories if acted out as written, will get the congregation taking part in it fully. For school children, it will serve as a guide to the three lessons the book is based on.

Jesus' Passion and Death is an amazing event that ever happened in world history. The trial ended with the death of an innocent man based on fear, jealousy and a callous attitude. All charges were planned and paid for, which was corruption. Judas offered to hand Him over if he was paid, this is greed because he lacked nothing as he followed Christ. The book shows how Jesus challenged the reasons for His arrest.

With the new book on the Passion of Jesus Christ, the burden would not be on the Priest with two supporters each reading their part but it engages a lot of people and the congregation joins in to answer as part of the drama.

Amazingly, the book contains devotions to the Five Sacred Wounds that would boost the prayer attitude of those who want to be devoted. It can be used even after the season of Passion and be still useful to the user.

The book has the seven last words of Christ before His death. Those are real reflective words on man's life. It is therefore a good book for the young (school going children), Muslims, Christians (All Christian denominations) and many others in society to push the society ahead.

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