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GCF to Embark on Regional Tour

Nov 27, 2019, 12:29 PM

Gambia Chess Federation –GCF- will commence a regional tour on December 4th, to reach out to regional Chess Associations to assess the impact of the game’s development at grass root levels.

The tour party will be led by the President, Amadou Jallow. The delegation will also include 1st and 2nd vice presidents; Sasuna Mbye and Habib Mboob.

The regional tour will enable the Federation to acquire firsthand information on regional chess structures, challenges and level of awareness of the game at the regions.

Second vice president Sasuna Mbye said they conduct the tour annually to familiarize the Federation with current activities of regional associations and discuss with them on areas of support and empowerment of the game.

“As the year is coming to an end, it is important to engage with our stakeholders at their level and discuss with them how we can support. We believe that meeting them will give us a better understanding about the critical areas we can closely work together to ensure that there is improvement on the game,” he added.

According to him, the tour party is expected to start in the Lower River Region, before meeting with stakeholders in CRR, URR and North Bank regions.

He said there are also plans to hold meetings with stakeholders in the West Coast Region (WCR), Kanifing Municipality and Banjul.

Mr Mbye said he hopes that the outreach program will further open wider and close working relationship between the federation and its stakeholders. “We have outlined many programs for chess development in the country and having such meeting will no doubt help us to implement, if not all but many of the priority areas.”