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Gasoil shortage in town!

Mar 4, 2013, 10:23 AM

For many days now, Gambians have been struggling with yet another fuel shortage, gasoil in particular and there are unconfirmed reports of increment in the prices of fuel in recent days.

Whatever the case maybe, passengers have been experiencing difficulties commuting to and from work.

People have been queuing at filling stations across the Greater Banjul Area, especially within the Kanifing Municipality.

While we are not trying to cast blame on any institutions or individual(s), we urge those responsible for the supply of fuel in the country to come out and explain issues to the public.

Peoples’ right to know should not be disregarded, and to clarify issues to them is of paramount importance.

We, therefore, call on the concerned authorities, be it the Ministries of Energy or Petroleum or someone else mandated to either regulate or import fuel into the country, to always come forward with clear and timely explanations, as to the problem regarding the issue.

Perhaps, if the current systems are not working well, we need to do some systematic adjustments to avoid such problems in the near future.

It is clear that without gas oil and other fuel supplies in the country, the movement of the people would be badly affected, thus impacting on our daily routines.

The national reserve should always be intact to ensure smooth running of our errands.