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Welcome, Russian Envoy

May 4, 2017, 10:07 AM

A high-profile Russian envoy is due in The Gambia today to see the new Gambia, our president and his government.

We would therefore like to welcome President Vladimir Putin’s envoy and his delegation to the new Gambia.

Although we have just crossed one big and difficult hurdle, which is the redeeming of our country from authoritarian rule and dictatorship, we are still confronted with so many challenges, which range from economic stagnation to electricity, health matters and security concerns.

So we need Russia as a friend in deed, as much as we also hope to always be a friend in deed to them in any capacity deemed necessary.

The two countries need each other in many respects to foster our bilateral ties.

We hope and pray that Russia brings more support to The Gambia, especially in the field of medicine, education, technology, science and many other areas. We also hope Russia will come in a big way to help us in the energy sector, tourism and infrastructure.

Many Gambians have had the opportunity to study in Russia. We therefore hope that in our new dispensation and relationship under the new Government, Russian doctors, engineers and those specialised in agriculture will assist The Gambia in their various fields of operation.

Our Tourism ministry should make use of our new found relations to promote tourism in Russia. The Government as well should work in close collaboration with the Russian government to realize the best out of both nations’ cooperation.

Russia is a force to reckon with, and The Gambia should take advantage of the enhanced relations and make good use of it by training Gambians in special fields of support to the country’s development.

We therefore welcome H.E. Bogdanov Mikhail Leonidovich to The Gambia - the Smiling Coast of Africa.

“I am a believer in cooperation”

Franco Modigliani