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Gambia’s squad of 85/86 Zone II deserves recognition

Apr 1, 2015, 4:59 PM

With over a week to the Sports Journalists’ Association of The Gambia (SJAG) 6th Gala and Awards Night slated for 10th April 2015 at the Kairaba Beach Hotel, Gambians have commended the association for the foresight to award and recognise the football veterans of the 1985/1986 squad for their good work in the past, and for raising the country’s flag.

It is a national event to which the sports journalists of The Gambia are calling for the support of the chief patron of Gambian sports, President Yahya Jammeh, the government, public and private institutions, and individuals.

Also during the Awards Night, the event will celebrate the country’s finest and Africa’s Best Referee, Bakary Papa Gassama, who has been a good ambassador for the country.

Mass Axi Gai, former cabinet minister who has a vivid memory of the squad, has thanked the SJAG for the idea of awarding the veterans at the upcoming National Sports Awards, while calling on the general public to give their full support to the event.

Gai who was speaking in a video documentary interview on the veterans, described the players as one of the best the country ever produced, and applauded the association for a job well done.

Alhagie Sarr is one of the players of that squad, and he was also quite happy and honoured on receiving the news about the association’s plan to award their squad alongside their counterparts from the Senegal.

“This is an event that is worth supporting, and I am calling on all Gambians to give their support to the Awards Night. I thank the SJAG for the foresight after all this long period.”

The sports journalists will be awarding the players, among them Modou Njie (Biri Biri), Modou Musa, Sang Ndong, Babucarr Saho, Alhagie Sarr, and Paul Ogoo.

“We recognised the pivotal role the Gambian leader and Government have been and continue to play in the promotion and develop of the country’s sports, and we are calling for his support in order to stage a successful event.

“Thanks to the President’s generosity, many of our members have in the past had the opportunity to travel with the national teams to cover and report on the competitions that the country had participated in. This event is expected to be graced by prominent personalities from within and outside the country,” added Alieu Ceesay, assistant secretary general of the SJAG.