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Shyben Madi, George Banna Reassure Abundant Rice Stocks

May 8, 2008, 5:47 AM

As rumours of impending rice scarcity continue to spread fear across the country, two major importers, Shyben Madi and Sons Limited and George Banna company, have reassured the general public that there is enough rice stocks in the country.

In a news release sent to this paper yesterday, the management of the company said that rice stocks are plentiful in the country and more quantities are expected.

The release went on to urge the general public to refrain from panic buying, which the companies consider unnecessary at this point.

"We also want to assure the public and our valued customers that with the help of the authorities, who are constantly co-operating with us and facilitating our imports, we shall spare no efforts to keep the prices at the lowest possible levels," the release concludes.