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Gambian Fans Urge FA To Maintain Paul Put And.

Oct 14, 2008, 5:04 AM | Article By: By Ebou Manneh

Despite not making it to the next stage of the World and African Cup preliminaries round for South Africa and Angola 2010 due to the newly rules introduced by CAF in the middle of the qualifiers, the Gambian fans have urged the GFA to try all possibilities to maintain the senior national team coach Paul Put and asked him to help prepare the U17 as the only chance of The Gambia making it to continental tournament, as the U-20 finally failed at home to qualify for the second time of the U-20 youth championship.

Speaking to Pointsports after the Gambia-Ghana game at the Independence Stadium in Bakau, the most topic discussed was that the FA must try all possibilities to make sure that the coach is given the maximum support by extending his contract as he has already taken Gambian football to another level and should be asked to help the U17 to avoid what happened to the U20.

Abdoulie Sarr told Pointsports that "We are very happy with his job in the short time he took over. We have seen what he has done for us today; we did not qualify but we made history in the world. It is just that the weakness of CAF. I don't know how you can introduce a new system at the middle of a tournament, that's not fair. Africans should know that the people governing African football are there for them self not to promote the game of football in Africa."

Sainabou Sey who also shares her views with Pointsports said that "It is time for the Gambia to know the difference between a local coach and a foreign coach. We saw Paul in the short time he took up the team, the motivation and the spirit he put in the team I am happy that we have a coach like him. His contract should be extended to enable him to complete his job It is not late, Let him help the U-17 to qualify."

Alieu Chama of Serekunda said that the" Gambia has a young team; a team that we know that if the coach is given time he will complete his mission. I am not happy with CAF. We should know that CAF belongs to the Franco phone countries; they always favor them. FIFA should look into such matters. It is high time the FA realised that local coaches cannot handle our teams any more. Let us beg Paul Put to assist the U-17 for them to qualify".

Momodou Jallow a Senegalese residing in the Gambia for 30 years said that "I have been following Gambian football since and saw the difference. I am sure with the help and support of the private sector to maintain the coach he will be like Bruno Metsu who took Senegal from no where to the World Cup. It is just the surprise rules that CAF introduced that stop the Gambia but the team could have qualified since. I don't know why these rules have been introduced, but CAF is not doing justice to African football."

Malick Jobe said that "even if we didn't qualify we are happy that we showed the world that football has moved now .We have a team that can compete any where. All we need is to keep the coach and give him support to know his players more and get prepared them more. He is good and has made history in the books by denying the team that beat the world stars France from not qualifying. I think we should commend him for a job well done and should be asked to help the U-17 prepare for our game in November to avoid what happened against Ghana."

It could be recalled that the Gambia captain and his team mates urged their sponsors Africell to extend the contract of their coach because they like him and he is getting the results within the short time and believe that with the support and extending his contract he will take Gambian football to the next stage, which he has already done.