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Gambian delegation return from Tivaoune

Dec 17, 2012, 9:14 AM

On 8 December 2012 corresponding to 24th of Muharam, the death was announced of the Khalifa General de Tijan Serigne Mansour Sy, son of Khalifa Ababacar Sy.

He was the first grandson of Alhagi Malick Sy. Serigne Babacar was the first Khalifa of Alhagi Malick Sy, then Serigne Abdul Aziz Sy. Serigne Mansour was the third in the line of the Khalifas.

Serigne Mansour Borom Daaraji was born in the year 1925. He was named after his father’s brother Alhagi Mansour Sy. He was the Khalifa for 15 years.

Serigne Mansour was well-learned and had the qualities of a Khalifa, loved by both Muslims and non-Muslims. His preaching was always about peace in the whole universe.

On 9 December 2012, at the residence of Serigne Habib Sy in Bakau, prayers were offered on behalf of the late Khalifa by all  Muslims in The Gambia.

Announcements were also made on radio and television stations to spread the news.

On Monday 10 December, a delegation of the dairas led by Imam Tafsir Gaye representative of the Khalifa General de Tijan in The Gambia left Banjul for Tivaoune to attend the funeral.

The delegation comprised 50 people including Alhagi Dodou Bah, Vice President, Ahlu Tivaoune, Alhagi Saihou Sallah, Cadi Lamin Khan, Imam Masamba Jagne, Alhagi Mboge Sarr, Alhagi Ousman Wadda and Alhagi Madikay Jobe.

According to Imam Gaye, upon their arrival, they offered their condolences and Imam Gaye spoke on behalf of his delegation.

The spokesperson of the Khalifa Serigne Abdou Aziz Sy Al Ibhu prayed for them and thanked the Gambian delegation. He prayed for peace to prevail in the two countries.