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Gambian Christian Council appeals for Haiti

Jan 27, 2010, 2:51 PM | Article By: Augustine Kanjia

The Gambia Christian Council, the parent body of all Christians in the country have added their voice to the unfortunate situation that occurred in Haiti recently. The humanitarian situation in that country has touched a lot of hearts and continues to touch willing hearts in one way or the other. The Christian Council, through Reverend Fr. Edu Gomez, the Secretary General of the Council has appealed to all believers, sympathetic and God-fearing people to send relief and prayers for the suffering people of Haiti, who have been devastated by earthquake.

Below is the appeal letter sent in by Rev. Father Edu Gomez as Secretary to the Christian Council:
Sending the letter of concern and prayers for the suffering people of Haiti to all believers, sympathetic and God fearing people says;

Dearly Beloved,

The Gambia Christian Council (GCC) together with the All African Conference of Churches (AACC) learning with shock and sadness what has happened in Haiti where many lives are lost due to natural disaster. As if the everyday suffering of the people was not enough, this disaster came to aggravate the situation of the inhabitants and brought death and sorrow to their country.

The GCC and AACC in solidarity with all who are concerned add their voice to express sympathy to the people of Haiti and are offering prayers to the Almighty and Merciful God to intervene and hear our prayers so that the people can once again experience normalcy in their lives.

As you may all know, Haiti has 825, 000 people from African origin and this makes it understandable that the suffering of the people on this beloved country is deeply felt in the heart of all African. We take this opportunity to ask people of all Faiths, Humanitarian Organisations and God fearers to send relief, pray for and sympathise with the suffering people of Haiti.

May God Almighty, Creator and Provider answer our Prayers and touch the hearts of all generous people who can give. May He also console those in pain and give strength to the survivors of this tragedy to continue to Hope and Trust in our God who is always ready to engage us for a new beginning towards hope and dignity.

Yours in Sympathy and Solidarity for the Suffering but Hopeful people of Haiti.

Signed by Rev. Fr. Edu Gomez.

The Haiti situation needs urgent assistance as we keep witnessing different horrific situations and assistance on the priority of all and sundry. The latest being the twenty four year old young man who was buried under rubbles for eleven days finally coming out unhurt. His home shattered and his brother and family moved to an underground apartment. The condition there is appalling and everyone wonders if the young man is released from the hospital how would he fit into that small apartment. This is just one among the lot that stands out and tells believers to come together to help the needy of society. People can help in their poverty by helping the most vulnerable in society. Two poor people donating a Dalasis each is two Dalasis and it can help if others can add on top of that. The call to assist should therefore touch the hearts of those who care so as to help the dying to have life, because it can happen to anyone and you may need help. Bravo to those taking the lead.