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Gambia, Senegal meet over border closure in Dakar

May 16, 2016, 12:21 PM

A high-powered delegation led by the Gambian minister of Foreign Affairs, Neneh Macdouall Gaye, is currently in Dakar to discuss with the Senegalese authorities on the issue of the border closure, which emanated from the new tariff of 400,000CFA up from 4000CFA imposed by the Gambian side for crossing from The Gambia to Senegal.

In the last three months, the Senegalese transport union has boycotted the Gambian roads and diverted to eastern Senegal. This has resulted in huge losses of revenue for both countries.

Mankeur Ndiaye, Senegalese foreign minister heading the Senegalese delegation, in his welcome speech appealed to the two countries to find a lasting solution and respect the agreements they signed in the past.

Minister Ndiaye said they would also discuss important issues such as constructing a bridge at Trans-Gambia costing four billion dalasis, financed by the ADB.

They will also discuss bilateral cooperation in the fields of trade, including the free movement of people and goods, the transit trade, the judiciary, fishing cooperation, and immigration, in the interest of the Senegambian people.

Gambian foreign minister Neneh Macdouall-Gaye said The Gambia does not close her borders, and had reduced its tariff to what it was before the increment for entering or crossing through The Gambia from Senegal.

She lamented the border closure, saying it won’t augur well for the Ramadan, which is approaching hence the border should be reopened to help the populations of both nations.

Both peoples are one family with blood relations, The Gambia’s foreign minister added.

“This meeting will allow the two sides to find a lasting solution to the problem,” she declared.