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Gambia, Senegal Border Officers participated in football tourney

Jul 28, 2011, 2:36 PM

The Gambians and the Senegalese Border Officers last Sunday (July 24) successfully took part in the New Century Limited sponsored friendly football tournament as part of activities marking the July 22nd  Anniversary Celebrations.

The tournament was not only intended to encourage a fit and healthy lifestyle, but more importantly, to promote unity between the two neighboring countries officials said.

The President and Executive Chairman of New Century, Mr. Ahmed Tijan Jallow, said the involvement of the New Century in this event is a beautiful way to end the July 22nd celebrations.

“We at New Century are honored to be official sponsors of such noble event, he said.”

“According to information reaching Pointsport desk, both team played to the best of their abilities in a friendly game marked by some brilliant demonstration of talent.

In the end, the Senegalese border patrol officers emerged victors thanks to a dramatic penalty shootout at the end of a pulsating 90 minute encounter.

They were rewarded for their outstanding performances as they walked away with a trophy, provided by the sponsors of the tournament New Century, LTD who also provided each team with uniform T-shirts and footballs.

According to the New Century LTD supremo, Tijan Jallow, the ultimate aim of the tournament was not to proclaim a winner, but to promote goodwill and solidarity between the two countries. 

Also speaking to the gathering was Colonel Sane, who explained that the Gambian team was also a winner in the tournament giving the fact that they had achieved the goal of making the two sister countries one.

The official representatives of both countries shared similar sentiments which goes to show the beautiful culture and rich history the two countries shared.

The pride of each and every team member, special guests and spectators was clearly seen as a result of the manifestation of the brotherly love, respect, a sense of duty that was witnessed during the tournament,” Jallow noted.

The CEO of New Century, Mr. Amadou Ceesay, expressed his support for the event saying, “On behalf of the New Century, I would like to thank the organizers of this event. “New Century is proud to be associated with events that bring people together and promote solidarity between our two countries.

“We wish we could have done even better than we did, but hopefully next year, we will be at a better position to have more time to contribute to the best of our ability.

“As you all may probably know we are a new and young company, but our ideas and dreams are huge, so with your prayers and support we can all do a lot together Ceesay highlighted.”

Also present at he even was Commander Jeng of the Senegalese Custom and Comesere Sarr of the Senegalese Police.

On the Gambian side Mr. Jallow of the NIA and Inspector Saho, all expressed their gratitude and sincere thanks to New Century LTD for their support. It is important to note that this event also helped to raise funds for community clinics and schools.