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Gambia-Russia Ties: welcome move

Apr 11, 2016, 11:42 AM

Gambia has opened, for the first time, an embassy in Moscow.

This is expected to strengthen the already existing cordial relations between the two countries.

Russia is a big nation with a population of 146.6 million inhabitants.

With the appointment of Lamin Manga last year as honorary consul, the new development has further consolidated the already existing relations and open ways for the reinforcement of bilateral cooperation.

Russia well before The Gambia’s independence and during the first republic has been assisting The Gambia in terms of training of doctors, and provision of scholarships to Gambians in different fields.

Russia is a force to reckon with, and The Gambia should take advantage of the enhanced relations and make good use of it by training Gambians in special fields of support to the country’s development.

The Gambia, indeed, should take advantage of this opportunity to open an embassy in Moscow, to promote the tourism sector, solve its electricity problem, invite Russian doctors specialized in certain common diseases, invite Russian business tycoons to boost business and the economy, and send Gambians to study in Russia to be trained in different fields.

We hope and pray that Russia bring more support to The Gambia, especially in the field of medicine, education, technology, science and many other areas. We hope also they will come in a big way to help us in the energy sector, tourism and infrastructure.

In Africa, Russia has assisted many countries in the health sector, especially during the Ebola epidemic.

They assisted countries directly affected by the disease with doctors, medicines and equipment.

Russia should organize a summit with Africa to sell its policies, invest and assist the continent.

There are other several areas The Gambia could tap from in working with Russia. These include machinery including road equipment, and in the field of maritime and air transport.

Africa needs more partnerships with big nations to meet and surpass its challenges, especially in such areas as health sector, road, transportation, energy and housing.

The two countries need each other in many respects as mentioned above, as well as to foster our bilateral cooperation.

So let’s talk, work and assist each other!

“The Gambia and Russia need each other in many respects”

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