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Gambia praised for aid to the world against Covid-19, and demand an end to the US blockade

Apr 8, 2020, 1:16 PM

Banjul, April 6. - The Movement of Solidarity with Cuba in The Gambia, described as extraordinary and wonderful the efforts made by the largest of the Antilles providing aid to many countries affected by Covid-19, a pandemic that threatens the life, economy and well-being of all nations, including the USA.

In a public declaration, the Gambia-Cuba Friendship Association stresses that we are also “aware of the experience that the Caribbean Island has in dealing with complex situations such as that of the new Corona virus, because its Medical Brigades (BMC) have always been present in all corners of planet earth saving lives and healing peoples.”

The text calls on the US to end the unjust and illegal blockade imposed by Cuba and its population, adding that Washington’s policy is a violation of human rights, while damaging the medical cooperation of the Caribbean nation to affected countries. for the current epidemic.

The Declaration also states that the act of blocking aid from China with medicines to deal with Covid-19 affected not only Cuba, but many citizens of the world.

He concludes that the largest of the Antilles will never be alone in the fight against the US blockade because the Gambians and the grateful African peoples will accompany it.