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Gambia launches country brand

Aug 4, 2016, 10:14 AM | Article By: Njie Baldeh

The Gambia country brand was recently launched at the Kairaba Beach Hotel at a ceremony attended by senior government officials, tourism stakeholders and representatives of public and private sector organizations in the country.

In his launching statement, Presidential Affairs minister Dodou Bammy Jagne applauded the vision and support given to the initiative of branding the country.

“There could not be a more fitting occasion to launch the national brand than in this auspicious national celebration,” Jagne said.

He added that the Country Brand has been in development for some time now, with the assistance of international professional firms, working closely with the National Brand Council and leveraging on the expertise of the country’s institutions and resource persons.

In presenting the country’s Brand Logo and its Tag-Line, he said the brand “is not an abstract illusion”.

“The thorough research conducted in branding the country depicts nothing but the true-self of this country: The Gambia and its people.

“The brand represents the people, our cultural heritage, the environment - our habitat and the existence of overflowing opportunities in this country, in enriching our cultural diversity, promoting peace and socio-economic growth.”

He added: “I take this opportunity to recognise and acknowledge the role the National Brand Council played in the realization of the project and the key stakeholders and professionals, within and outside, the borders of the country,”

The project had been anchored in GIEPA, who received “dedicated support” from the Ministry of Tourism and GTBoard and the country’s PR firm Mediamatic, according the SG.

He thanked the World Bank for their continued support as the development of the brand was funded through the Gambia Growth and Competitiveness Project (GCCP), he said.

He also stated: “The giants of the industry did not spare anytime to lend-a-hand, and a special gratitude to them. Indeed, their contributions are visible all around us. We thank them for pledging to continue to support our country brand - post Launch.”

The Presidential Affairs minister also outlined some of the benefits of the branding of the country.

He said the benefits include defining “ourselves, our cultural heritage” and communicating to others  “who we are, as a country, a society, and what we present as a people, our beliefs and the socio-economic development  in the environment we live in”.

The country branding, he added, would also “promote trade, commerce, investment and tourism and support our country’s development under one common banner – The Gambia”.

“Going forward,” he said, “we call on the support of all and sundry in sustaining the principles and adoration of our country brand….We call on all, public and private sector, civil society and academia to incorporate the brand in their planned activities and various engagements. A special call to the business sector and the artists of this country. GIEPA and the PR firm Mediamatic are at your disposal for engagements in these matters.”

SG Bammy Jagne also commended the youth of the country for supporting and taking up the country brand with an absolute sense of ownership and self-identification, as “they have lined up a series of engagements in the promotion of the country brand.”