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Gambia Golf Association Becomes IPPA Member

May 31, 2017, 12:31 PM

The Gambia Golf Association is now a member of the International Pitch & Putt Association (IPPA).

An email send to GGA President Ebrima Jawara on Monday 29th May 2017, confirms the acceptance on GGA’s application. IPPA President Carlo Farioli said, “It is my great pleasure to inform you that your application to join the IPPA was accepted by the board”.

He added that, he hopes that the P&P will help GGA in the promotion and growth of golf in The Gambia.

He also assured them that the IPPA will keep them informed of their tournaments, and especially on projects and initiatives that the IPPA will undertake.

“I also hope that some players of The Gambia Golf Association will participate in tournaments of the IPPA or that your Federation, with our support, will organize special days dedicated to the knowledge and practice of P&P,” he went on.

“You are very welcome into the great family of the international P&PA, also welcome on behalf of all the members of the board”, he concluded.

About IPPA

The International Pitch and Putt Association was founded on 2 April 2009 in Madrid. IPPA includes all organizations that develop and maintain the sport of Pitch & Putt at a national and international level.

IPPA contributes to the global expansion of Pitch & Putt by establishing close relationships between pitch and putt, golf and other relevant sports organizations. Pitch and Putt is golf with a difference – it is shorter, faster, cheaper and, if you’re interested in the skillful side of the game, more fun.

“Our ambition is to promote the competitive sport of Pitch and Putt internationally by organizing competitions at the highest level,” the statement ends.